• Mrs Louise Halliday

    Harlyn Teacher - Computing and assistant PE Co-ordinator and SLT

  • Miss Jenny Thomas

    Daymer Teacher - EYFS, Geography, History and Art and display Co-ordinator.

  • Mr Oli Jones

    PE Specialist and PE Co-ordinator

  • Mrs Jude Thomas

    Higher Level Teaching Assistant/MTA and Forest School Leader

  • Mrs Sue Nightingale

    Teaching Assistant

  • Mrs Rachel Hollyman

    Teaching Assistant/MTA

  • Mrs Lesley Pengelly

    Teaching Assistant/MTA

  • Mrs Sandra Van Meurs

    Teaching Assistant/MTA

  • Miss Marcelle Moriarty

    Teaching Assistant/MTA/After School Club Supervisor

  • Miss Ellie Pope

    Catering Manager

  • Miss Emma Johnston

    Harlyn Teacher - Maths and MFL Co-ordinator

  • Mrs Kristy Rowe

    Holywell Teacher - Music and Science Co-ordinator

  • Miss Lucy King

    Daymer Teacher - DT and Reading Co-ordinator

  • Mrs Vanessa McDowell

    Higher Level Teaching Assistant

  • Mrs Toni Styles

    Teaching Assistant

  • Mrs Anita Olver

    Teaching Assistant

  • Miss Helen Tubby

    Teaching Assistant/MTA

  • Mrs Sue Merchant

    Teaching Assistant/After School Club Supervisor

  • Mrs Trish Thomas

    Breakfast Club Supervisor

  • Mrs Martha Oliver

    Breakfast Club Supervisor

  • Miss Yvonee Hoskins

    Catering Assistant