Benefits of regular excercise

There are many reasons to excercise, it is not just about getting fit:

  • Children who exercise are more likely to keep exercising as an adult.
  • Exercise helps children achieve and maintain a healthy body weight.
  • Regular physical activity helps build and maintain strong, healthy muscles, bones and joints.
  • Exercise aids in the development of important interpersonal skills- this is especially true for participation in team sports.
  • Exercise improves the quantity and quality of sleep.
  • Research shows that exercise promotes improved school attendance and enhances academic performance.
  • Children who exercise have greater self-esteem and better self-images.
  • Participating in regular physical activity prevents or delays the development of many chronic diseases (e.g., heart disease, diabetes, obesity, and hypertension) and promotes health.
  • Children who are active report  fewer symptoms of anxiety and generate a better overall mood.
  • Exercise helps improve motor co ordination.
  • Exercise makes a difference!!