Pensilva School considers education a fundamental part of all children’s lives and we are committed to meeting the needs of all pupils including those with Special Educational Needs and disabilities (SEN).


All pupils who have disabilities or learning difficulties, but whose needs are being met by Quality First Teaching (inclusive teaching which takes into account the learning needs of all children and is appropriately differentiated for individual pupils), will be placed on our internal Additional Needs Register/Cause for Concern Register. 


Any pupils may be offered interventions which are part of the differentiated curriculum in order to accelerate learning.  These are not necessarily Special Educational Needs Support.


Those who require specific support which is additional to, or different from the differentiated curriculum due to identified SEN, will be placed on the SEN Record of Need, after consultation with Parents.


Our expectation is that children and young people with SEN will receive an education that enables them to make progress so that they: achieve their best; become confident individuals living fulfilling lives; and are able to make successful transfers between educational establishments.