Gifted and Talented

Science Workshop
Children from KS2 took part in a science day activity with Mr Swinburne. They looked at owl pellets and used their detective skills to investigate the owls' habits.
French Workshop
On Wednesday 16th March a group of year 4 and 5 children from Pensilva Primary School alongside St. Cleer Primary School took part in a french workshop. They developed their french language skills with a particular focus on food. To end the morning session the children had their own 'French Cafe', where they had to order their food using the correct vocabulary and pronounication. It was great fun and all the children really enjoyed it.
DT Workshop
On Thursday 25th February, Mrs Nightingale ran a DT workshop for children from four primary schools (Pensilva, Coads Green, St. Cleer and Blisland). The children worked on CAMs and movement. In the morning the children used kits to create a model and then in the afternoon they developed these further to create their own. They used a wide range of skills such as using a saw and glue gun. All the children worked well together and had a fun day. 
PE Workshop
On Monday 19th October four children from Pensilva Primary School took part in a Gifted and Talented PE Workshop at St.Cleer School alongside children from Blisland and Coads Green Primary Schools. The children were taught the basics of the game and then applied their newly learnt skills into match situations.
Mr Jones (our PE Specialist) stated, 'The Gifted and Talented afternoon went superbly with all children responding positively. The children were encouraged to mix with other schools and there was a lovely atmosphere.'
Literacy Workshop
Budding writers took part in a Literacy Workshop at Pensilva Primary School, along with children from St. Cleer and Blisland. The workshop was led by Charlie Carrol from Lend Me Your Literacy, who took the children's ideas for writing topics to create some exciting and imaginative stories. A fun day was had by all involved.
Art Workshop
On 16th April, Pensilva hosted an art gifted and talented workshop for 9 pupils across the three primary schools of; St. Cleer, Blisland and Pensilva. The session was run by a professional jewellery maker, who showed the children how to cut and use glass. The children then went on to produce their own hanging glass picture and keyring.