Emergency School Closures

Emergency School Closure due to bad weather.
Before the start of the school day: All parents will receive a text as early as possible to inform you if the school is unable to open or to start at a later time. A message will be posted onto the homepage of the website informing you of the situation.
Pirate FM and BBC Radio Cornwall will be contacted, please listen for information or check their websites and Twitter feeds.
A full list of all schools closed in Cornwall can be found at: 
Early Closure:
Should the school need to close early, again you will be contacted by text and a notice put on the website and the radio stations will be informed. Staff will remain on site until all children have been collected. If you are unable to collect your child, please arrange in advance for relatives or friends to pick up on your behalf. Please inform the school of your arrangements, as we will not be able to let children go without your permission.
Should you need to contact the school directly, please be aware that the line may be busy or unavailable when a large number of parents may be calling at the same time. Alternatively, you could email the school, secretary@pensilva.cornwall.sch.uk where your messages will be picked up immediately.
Local Radio Station Links: