Puffins - Year 3 and 4

Welcome to Puffin Class!


Hello, my name is Mrs. Palfrey and I am Puffins class teacher!


Our teaching assistants are Mrs. McDowell, Mrs. Merchant and Mr. Jones teaches us P.E. on a Thursday.

In maths we will be focusing on decimals, money, time, shape, position and direction.

 In English we will be exploring stories written by Dick King-Smith, performance poetry and explanation texts.

 In science we will be learning about rocks and soils. We will discover the different types of rocks and how they are formed. We will compare and group rocks based on appearance and simple properties. We will learn how fossils are formed and learn about the contribution of Mary Anning to the field of palaeontology. Finally, we will understand how soil is formed and then investigate the permeability of different types of soil.

 In geography we will be learning about weather and climate around the world.

 In PSHE our focus is Relationships. In this Puzzle we revisit family relationships and identify the different expectations and roles that exist within the family home. We will identify why stereotypes can be unfair and may not be accurate e.g. Mum is the carer, Dad goes to work. We will also look at careers and why stereotypes can be unfair in this context. We will learn that families should be founded on love, respect, appreciation, trust and cooperation. Children are reminded about the solve-it together technique for negotiating conflict situations and the concept of a win-win outcome is introduced. Online relationships through gaming and Apps is explored and children are introduced to some rules for staying safe online.

 In computing our unit is Computing systems and networks: Collaborative learning. We will be working collaboratively in a responsible and considerate way as well as looking at a range of collaborative tools.

 In RE our focus religion is Islam. We will be learning how festivals and worship show what matters to a Muslim.

 In design and technology, we will be learning about Cooking and Nutrition: Eating seasonally. This unit including opportunities to learn about seasonal foods and create a seasonal food tart.

In music, our unit is Changes in pitch, tempo and dynamics (Theme: Rivers) We will be learning to listen to changes in pitch, tempo and dynamics and relate it to something tangible and familiar. We will represent different stages of the river through vocal and percussive ostinatos, culminating in a final group performance.

 In Spanish, we will be using the programme ‘Language Angels’.


  • Colours and Numbers - Los Colores / Los Numeros 

 Year 4: Greater focus on writing and spelling. We will extend to numbers to 31, days and months to write and read the date.




Homework will be set on a Friday and will include weekly spellings and an additional learning task. The tasks need to be completed and handed in by Friday of the following week at the latest.  

Additionally, children need to be reading frequently (ideally daily) and consolidating their mathematical skills on Times Table Rock Stars and Mathletics each week. Please have a look in the weekly home communication section for details of each week's homework.     

If you have any questions or queries, please do not hesitate to contact me.


Kind regards,


Mrs. Palfrey





Puffin Class Home-School Communications

Week beginning Monday 20th May  



Logins for Mathletics and TTRS are in the back of their Reading Record Book 



Change library books









































Non-school uniform 

Homework handed in.

Spelling test.











Homework Set  

Maths - Times Table Speed Test

Maths - Play 'Hit the Button' - learn your times tables. 

Reading, reading, reading - all Puffins have an AR reading book and a free choice library book.


Other information

Please feel free to send us an email if you have any questions or concerns: