E-Safety is a term which means not only the internet but other ways in which young people communicate using electronic media, e.g. mobile phones.  It means ensuring that children and young people are protected from harm and supported to achieve the maximum benefit from new and developing technologies without risk to themselves or others.
As a school we encourage our children to follow the SMART rules (see poster below) for being safe on the internet:
S - Safe
M - Meeting
A - Accepting
R - Reliable 
T - Tell
Annually we participate in Safer Internet Day.
Last year each class carried out a variety of activities from drama, singing, poster design, surveys and story telling. Later that afternoon Reception and KS1 shared their work and learning in assembly to some parents. The following afternoon KS2 shared their work together in the assembly to their parents. All parents are given a 'Keeping Your Children Safe' leaflet with information about E-Safety.