Cross-country race at Liskeard

1st March 2020

The final Cross Country league race took place at Liskeard in the fields just opposite Lux Park. This was a short notice change of venue due to the inclement weather forecast. There were hills, mud and rain so all the components of a good race!

The first race was year 3 / 4 girls. Isla finished 80th, Lydia 87th, Scarlett 102nd and Nicole 103rd. For the year 3 / 4 boys Cody finished 32nd, Noah 49th, William 50th, Leo 53rd, Thomas 61st , Tristan 99th and Toby 104th. For the year 5 / 6 girls, Bryony finished 73rd, Mollie 74th, Stephanie 91st and Paige 94th.  Finally for the year 5 / 6 boys  Dylan was 7th, and Finley 25th and Ben was 64th.  

Once again, thank you to all of the parents and carers who get the children to the races and cheer them all on. The children do such a brilliant job at running their own race and looking out for each other. We are looking forward to the fun run at Landrake this Friday where over 600 children take part and parents can join in too!