Landrake Motox cross-country

Another successful cross country event for the children representing Pensilva today! A new course at Landrake Motox; tough and hilly to name two words to describe it! They all did really well; persevering when it was hard and digging deep to ensure that they all finished the race. Every one shows huge support and encouragement to each other; clapping and cheering to running in at the end of the race with their team mates. Well done and you should all be very proud of yourselves!
Year 3/4 girls                     Year 3/4 boys                        Year 5/6 girls                      Year 5/6 boys
8th - Emilia K                     113th - Harrison B                50th - Alice P                     8th - Noah K
24th - Ailla M                     116th - Jake H                       69th - Isla O                       74th - Thomas S
25th - Kensa B                  121st - Kai B                            82nd - Grace R                  93rd - Leo M
93rd - Beatrice S              125th - Kenlee L                    83rd - Issy B
                                                                                                  102nd - Ruby H
                                                                                                  106th - Scarlett M
                                                                                                  109th - Layla A