Harlyn Home Learning week beginning 8th June

Hello Harlyn
In maths we are continuing with algebra this week. On Friday there is a problem to solve.
For English you are going to report a murder in the form of a newspaper report. You will have to decide who commited the murder, what weapon they used and the room within the mansion. When you have chosen all the details you will start to collect evidence and build-up your news report. You will form a character profile for the murderer, conduct an interview like a script and think of some quotes to put in using the synonyms for said. Remember to use the example to guide you.
For spelling you have the year 5/6 list. See which ones you are confident with and then over the next few weeks set yourself the challenge to learn as many as you can. Use different strategies to do this- I have included a list of ideas aswell as the words sorted according some of their rules.
For topic there is a case study to have a look at. Read the information provided and decide if you think that John Walker is innocent or guilty and why. Think about his motives (reasons) for carrying out the crime. Remember this was a crime commited in Victorian times? How would this have been dealt with differently today?
In science lets look at useful microorganisms. If you have some yeast you can have a go at the 'yeast race' investigation. If you cannot do the investigation carry out some research and look at the way microbes are used for useful reasons e.g. food production, vaccines. Then put together a presentation on the computer or create an information poster.
In art make a collage picture using newspaper.
I hope you are all well and don't forget to contact me if you have any questions. I look forward to seeing some examples of your work.
Take care
Miss J