Harlyn Home Learning Week Beginning 1st June

Hello Harlyn
I hope you have all had a lovely half term break and are enjoying this beautiful, warm weather.
Our Crime and Punishment topic continues...
In English this week I have set some grammar revision questions and you can choose the spelling activity you are going to have a go at- obviously genius is harder than beginner. Your reading comprehension activity is a little different because I want you to show your understaning of the information by creating an illustrated time-line. There are then two writing activities based on Alcatraz.
We are continuing with Algebra in maths. I will get some of the returning yr 6 pupils to put up some demo videos to model some of the questions next week.
For science I want you to look more closely at microorganisms and their differences. You could have a go at modelling some using playdough or plasiticine (homemade recipe included if you have flour that is).  Then design one of your own and draw it thinking carefully about their differeing features. Will your microbe be a form of bacteria, fungi or a virus? Will it be helpful or not?
For topic there is some research - aspects of Roman, Saxon and Norman punishments. There is also a video link that will help explain some of the differences. Complete the comparison table once you have an idea of how crime was dealt with in the different crime periods.
It will be lovely to see some of you back at school next week.
Stay safe everyone, regardless of whether you are in school or not and please do not hestitate to contact me, via email, with any questions, concerns or just because you want to!
Miss you all
Miss J