Puffins class - Year 2, 3 and 4

Puffin Class Home Learning

Wednesday 6th January 2021


Good morning everyone, here we are again. Locked down and home schooling! We completely appreciate how difficult this is, especially if you are having to work at the same time.

We have tried hard to provide planning that will be straightforward and, in some cases, activities the children can work through independently.

All children will have received their email logins for Outlook 365 (if you have not, they are going to be delivered to you this afternoon) these accounts will be used for Teams meetings and access to Home Learning information and documents. For the rest of this week Home learning will be accessed via the website Home Learning tab while we master the Teams system! Our hope is by Monday 11th January all Home Learning will be via Teams.


Our suggested timetable will be as follows, but we are very conscious of your own circumstances and don’t wish to make this any harder than it already is.


9:10 - Teams meeting with all children, welcome, registration and introduction for the day’s work.

Y2 Phonics – Read Write Inc video clips sent on separate email to children (differentiated) This will begin in due course.

Y3/Y4 SPAG activities

English activity

Maths activity

11:40 – Teams online meeting with all children for a story and feedback about lessons.

Afternoon Foundation subject activity.


Our hope is all children will join in on the Teams welcome and registration at 9:10. At this point, we will talk through the activities planned for the lessons and where to find the resources and guidance. There will be links for video clips and resources needed.

There will also be a Teams meeting each day at 11.45 for a story and quick chat with the children about how their morning learning has gone.

Every week we will put up a document like this explaining what the children are expected to do on each day and suggested time spent on each activity. Since the first lockdown there have been lots of online lessons created. We will send links to these for the children to watch and the activities to follow. At times the lessons will be teacher led but please understand we have key and critical worker children in school also. We also felt it would be easier for parents to access videos in their own time during the day rather than having to always be online at specific times

We thank you so, much for your support. Class teacher’s will be answering parent emails in the afternoons of their working days.

We’re all missing the children already!


Mrs Palfrey



Mrs Clinick