PCSO E-safety talk with Lynher class

1st April 2018

PCSO Becky Steed came into school on Wednesday to talk to Lynher class about  e-safety. They discussed the appropriateness of age related video games and the impact of playing them. They also talked about what to do in situations when on the internet, if pop ups appear and random websites on their tool bars. Some of the children said that they have clicked on them but having done so, didn’t like what like what they saw and were unsure who to tell incase they got into trouble. 


All children in the class have toot-toot accounts where if they see anything when on the internet makes them feel uncomfortable or inappropriate, they can report it through this channel.


There are concerns with some games which are not age-appropriate being played by children.

These include Fortnite (12), Call of Duty (18) and Grand Theft Auto (18). The concern with all games is not always the content but the audience they are playing with and the ability to speak to others worldwide.