home learning this week

Hello Harlyn


I am currently writing a report about you all and will be sending them out to you and your parents/carers early July.

To Parents

If anyone feels that a phone call or teams meeting would be useful next week please let me know- It may be that you want to share a concern or something you have discovered during your home learning/teaching. Of course you can always email me at any time!



In maths this week we are moving on to coordinates, reflecting and translating on grides. There is a related problem solving activity on Friday.

English, this week and next, is based on our space work. On Monday you have to watch an informative video on the formation of our solar system and then carry out two activities to test your understanding. In the middle of the week you are going to visit twelve ficticious planets and describe the alien life forms found there. You also need to write some rules so that the aliens on planet six can live more harmoniously. On Friday I would like you to create an alien life form that could live on a planet whithin our solar system so you need to be creative but base that creativity on the facts you have learned about your chosen planet (not Earth).


Art/Design- Make a model or draw or paint your new alien life form.


There is some grammar videos and mats to complete this week- see below:



  • Grammar – revise KS2 grammar terminology using:  


  • Complete the three SPaG revision mats provided – Ask an adult to mark your work using the answer sheets.
  • Create your own quiz or test on the grammatical terms