Holywell Home Learning Week Beginning 1st June

Hello Holywell Class
I hope you have all had a lovely, relaxing half term, enjoying the sunshine and being able to get out and about a bit more.
This half term, our topic is the Ancient Greeks.  We will be learning all about 
this fascinating period of history and studying the text of Homer's The Odyssey.  The particular text we are looking at is Robin Lister's 'The Odyssey'.  This is available to buy on Amazon but is also available to borrow for two weeks from the same site as 1001 Arabian Nights was.  Here is the link:
In maths, we are looking at time.  There should be lots of opportunities to tell the time at home and discuss the passing of time!  In my experience, children find telling the time on analogue clocks particularly difficult and it needs lots and lots of practise.
This half term, we were going to be doing electricity in science.  However, I realise that you probably don't have access to the kinds of resources needed to deliver this.  Therefore, I've swapped it for a unit of work on teeth and digestion and the unit on electricity can be done next academic year. 

There is a new unit of music to work on as well.  If you go to the Charanga site with your login (most of you have these but if not, let me know), you will find it there (I have deleted the other two to try and keep things simple).

I've put on some topic planning linked to the four eras of the Ancient Greek civilisation too.  Part of this is making a clay pot but please use anything you have - plasticine, playdough etc.  I would love to see some photos of these if you can send them to me.

Don't forget, you can contact me on krowe@pensilva.cornwall.sch.uk.  I do regularly check emails.

Have a good week everybody!

Mrs Rowe