Harlyn Home Learning Week Beginning 15th June

Hello Harlyn
I am looking forward to speaking to some of you this week- I will attempt to make calls across the week.
In maths we are looking at ratio, fractions and prime numbers. There is a fraction/proportion problem to attempt to solve on Friday.
In English we are going to research, plan and write a biography for a famous scientist. Choose someone who interests you but is famous for their discovery/contribution e.g. Charles Darwin, Louis Pasteur, Alexander Grahem Bell...
Continue to learn spellings from the list posted last week. There is some set comma work- choose your appropriate level.
In science you will look at the work of a scientist called Edward Jenner and create a comic strip using the information and script- try to include the different features of comics.
For topic learn about the different Tudor punishments, follow the web link and create a short town crier speech.
I hope you are all keeping busy and well!
Do not hesitate to contact me with any questions, concerns or just because... Missing you all!
Miss J