Harlyn home learning

Hello Harlyn
It was lovely speaking to some of you last week and I look forward to speaking with others next week. If you have not requested a call and would like one please email me.
In maths we are finishing off our work on ratio and scaling things up and down. I though it might be nice on Friday at looking at scaling recipies up or down- maybe you could be let loose in your kitchen to make something for a certain number of people...
In English there is a lot of information to take in about how prisons have changed. You have some historical sources to look at (examine) and use to answer questions. You need to write the speech you would give as a judge in the case- ever seen Judge Rinder?
To finish off the week I would like your opinions on whether you believe prisons have got better or worse- you could ask adults at home for their opinions too. Present your thoughts in the form of an argument (persuasion) or discussion. I have included some success criteria to help you structure your writing.
In science we are moving on to our final topic- Space. This week is all about the planets and I would like you to produce an information poster and maybe your own model of the solar system.
I hope you all have a good week
Missing you...
Miss J