EYFS [Early Years Foundation Stage]

EYFS [Early Years Foundation Stage] Curriculum


The Early Years Foundation Stage is for children aged 0-5, and covers the years from the birth to the end of reception class in primary school. 

* Personal, social and emotional development. Children will learn to be self-confident, take an interest in things, know what their own needs are, and tell the difference between right and wrong.

* Communication, language and literacy. This includes learning how to talk confidently and clearly, enjoy stories, songs and poems, hear and say sounds, linking them to the alphabet. Children will read and write some familiar words and learn to use a pencil.

* Physical development. This includes learning to move confidently, controlling their bodies and handling equipment.

* Literacy. Children will learn the sounds and names of all letters and digraphs through focussed phonics lessons. They will also learn how to form letters and write words for the beginning of sentence writing.

* Mathematical development. An understanding of maths is developed through stories, songs, games and imaginative play. Children become comfortable with numbers and with ideas such as ‘heavier than' or ‘bigger'. They will be aware of shapes and space, addition and subtraction, doubling and halving.

*  Understanding the world. Children explore and find out about the world around them, asking questions about it. They will build with different materials, know about everyday technology and learn what it is used for. They will find out about different cultures and beliefs.

*  Expressive art and design. Children will explore colours and shapes, trying out dance, making things, telling stories and making music