Area Sports

1st June 2018

Well done to everybody who took part in the Area Sports on Wednesday. We were 7th overall and extremely proud of our children, not just for their performance in the sports but also for their sportsmanship. They did not only give rousing support for competitors from our school, but also encouraged children from other schools. Well done to Kaspar for    coming 1st in the year 6 sprints, the boys relay team for coming 3rd, Samuel for coming 2nd in the heats and then 5th in the final in the 150m sprint and Elowen for her first ever long jump. She came fourth overall and was only 0.4mm away from 3rd. The younger girls came 3rd in the shuttle relay and the boys came 4th. With the tug of war, we did extremely well coming first in the heats and 2nd overall. Bryony came second in the 75m sprint. Cian came 2nd in the 75m sprint. 

 A great evening was had by all!