Year 6 Woodlands 2022

Woodlands Trip 2022


On Wednesday 13th, the Year 6s went on a trip to Woodlands, which is the largest family theme park in Devon! We all had a great time and now I’ll tell you what we did.


Firstly, we arrived at school early so that we could get on the bus on time. It was a fairly long trip – but eventually we got there. Next, we parked in the parking lot and went through the entrance gate, where some people were given a map of the park. Because of this, we all went to sit in a picnic area near the gift shop where we could decide where to go first.


We decided that we would go to some of the more intense rides before lunch, rather than afterwards – for obvious reasons. So, using the maps we had, we navigated through a section called Dino Trek (an area full of dinosaur models with fact cards describing the appropriate species). I learnt that the Apatosaurus's nostrils are on top of its head – weird! We arrived at the ‘WaterCoasters’ which are three water rides that were strangely themed around Wall’s ice lollies! We started queuing, but as it was a weekday, there was barely even a queue to join. I went on the purple one first, which went in lots of sharp spirals in an enclosed tube - this made it very exciting to ride, for sure! The only downside was that it was very fast, so as I came to the bottom, I was absolutely DRENCHED, and I even managed to splash Mrs S. as well! Next, I got back in the queue for the orange one, which wasn’t nearly as fast or wet, but was extremely bumpy on the way down.


Anyway, next we went to a different area called the ‘Ninja Zone’ which was a huge climbing apparatus full of nets and other things as well as multiple slides you could use. Afterwards, we walked to the ‘Arctic Zone’ where there were two close proximity rides that we went on. The first – aptly named ‘Avalanche’ was a very tall two-lane waterslide at an approximate 45 degree angle, which made for a very fast ride! The next one I didn’t actually ride, but from what I could see you got on a small sledge-like seat and glided down a rather bumpy slope, all the while going under three individual sprinklers!


After that, we headed back to the section with the waterslides and went on the ride next to it, ‘Tornado’. This was what you call a bobsled coaster, or toboggan ride. You basically sit in a small one-man carriage with a lever at the front, which is a brake. When you have been pulled to the top of the hill, you go down a series of metal half-pipes, where you can use your brake to speed up or slow down to your liking. This was one of my favourite rides because each carriage had its own funny name – my one was called Ronaldo!


Following this, we had lunch, then went to the ‘Sea Monster Zone’ where there was a ride called ‘Bumper Boats’. This ride was, pretty much, floating dodgems. Need I say more?


After this, we went on three more rides. First, we went on a smallish tractor ride which took you on a journey through a field full of farm animals made of old liquid containers! Next, we went back to where the boats were and went on a drop tower – a tall metal pole with seats that raise and then drop in a sickening way. It was called Vertigo. Finally, we went on a swinging ship called Sea Dragon which went very, very, very, VERY high!


It was time to leave, so we made our way back to the bus and drove to school. I had an amazing time, and I feel very lucky that we got to go!


                                                              By Will Yr6