Year 6 Barton Hall 2023

Day One:
We've arrived safely, enjoyed our lunches and are settling into our rooms.
We've learnt some songs, had a tour of the site and played some sports!
Lots of choice for dinner ... nearly everyone went for the double chocolate brownies for pudding!!!
Played lots of games and entered into several 'moo offs'!
This evening it was a battle of boys v girls at Balloon Splash!! They competed in games to win the most coins to buy items to protect a water balloon. The boys won the throw a shoe and the highest shoe tower. The girls won the most impressive shoe tower and the longest linked line. They entered a bidding war for packaging items. Sadly neither water balloon survived but a perfect hit on the PGL host was landed by one of the boys!!!!
Day Two
Everyone had a good nights sleep. The rain on the chalet roof must have had a soothing pitter patter. We woke early, ate a big breakfast (many complimented the tasty hash browns) and refreshed for today's activities.
The first activities of the day were abseiling and archery!  The abseiling tower was very high - many children were able to overcome their fears and successfully abseil down. Everyone was encouraging each other.
In archery, the children learnt how to hold, load and fire the arrows, using the bows, safely. It was harder than many thought! Great progress was made, with some children even achieving centre target before we finished.
Everyone is having a rest after a massive lunch... burgers and ziggy fries were on the menu for lunch!!
This afternoon the children challenged each other to duels as they learnt how to fence.  It looked like the children had been captured and replaced by aliens when they were all wearing their masks!!
We finished off the afternoon with Tag Archery. It is played like one of the children's popular games - dodgeball- but instead of aiming for each other with the ball they were shooting arrows that looked like marshmallows at one another!! They had great fun  and the rain didn't stop them at all.
We've just returned (very wet) from our final activity of the day: Capture the Flag. The children gave it their all and the instructor congratulated them on their fantastic manners, enthusiastic singing and positive attitude towards everything so far. They slipped, raced and strategically dodged to try to capture their opponents flag. It was an energy filled end to the day.
Everyone showering now and having a dip in their not so secret piles of sweets before teeth brushing and lights out!!! We have an early breakfast tomorrow (7.05am) so hopefully they settle to sleep quickly again tonight!
Day Three
Another good night's sleep was had by all. We were up early for our 7am breakfast - everyone looking forward to a lay in tomorrow!!
This morning has been both energetic and great fun! The children worked in small teams to try to climb Jacob's Ladder. It was much harder than it looked. They were really encouraging and strategic to get as high as they could. Only a few made it all the way to the top!!!
Buggy Building taught the children two types of knots - Miss Tubby (our Forest School Teacher) would be proud of their efforts. Each group made a strong buggy that they were able to race across the basketball court in. They raced a second time with a cup of water on their head. Any water left, they were able to throw at the PGL instructor - great fun!!!!
Our day has continued at an extremely fast pace. This afternoon was raft building. Again, the children learnt some knots to secure the barrels and logs together with rope before testing their rafts on the site's lake. Inevitably, the children ending up swimming as they fished to recover the plastic ducks that kept appearing on the water!!!
Aeroball was high energy as well with loads of intensive games -one in teams trying to score baskets whilst bouncing and an individual hot potato game. The children are now very tired (although none are willing to admit it)!!
After dinner we went to the shop. Children have restocked sweets and brought gifts if they wanted to.
We are off to do Cluedo this evening!!! The children are in teams of 4. They have clues about the culprit and a map. They have to navigate around the site, locating the hidden characters to complete challenges and earn more clues to solve the mystery.
Day Four
Everyone had a goodnight's sleep and a lay in today - it took some effort to wake the children up this morning for breakfast!!!
It's been a great morning today with Rifle Shooting and Giant Swing. In Giant Swing the children had to pull friends up high on the swing before the riders pulled a string to release it. They screamed, laughed, cheered and smiled ear to ear as they flew through the air. Children swung in threes, pairs and some were brave enough to fly solo!!!
Rifle shooting worked their minds because they learnt how to load and fire the weapon safely before target shooting practice and games on the shooting range. Many of the children were talented shooters. They were given their targets to take home so you can see their achievements.
This afternoon we had orienteering and climbing. To quote a Buzzard: "ORIENTEERING WAS VERY VERY VERY TIRING!!!!!!!!"
Climbing was very challenging but all children had a go with many reaching the top and they thoroughly enjoyed it. The most challenging part was the races because you had to climb successfully but also very quickly. 
We finished day four with a laughter filled game of disc golf. The children had to count frisbee shots until they successfully got their frisbee in the target on each hole. Whilst in the woods, some of the girls spotted some froglets. The one photographed they named Sammy after their PGL group leader. At the end of the activity, we had a podium finish for the bronze, silver and gold winners.
Tonight and all week so far, Buzzards have been totally brilliant. Nearly every instructor/PGL activity leader has given positive feedback on our children's sportsmanship, encouragement of one another, enthusiasm, politeness and general great attitude. They have thrown everything into every activity, even when so exhausted that they are nodding off at the dinner table!!!  They have been a great credit to their families, Mr Jones and I and most importantly themselves. I am extremely proud to say I am their teacher and I am looking forward to the final day's activities with them.
Day Five
Everyone packed and full after breakfast. There are lots of very tired children  this morning!
Problem solving is a challenging range of games and puzzles that require the children to develop plans and strategies and work together to master each of the problems in turn.
Trapeze is great fun. The children had to climb up a giant pole before leaping through the air for the trapeze. It looked terrifying!!!!!
Lunch is at 12.35 then we say our goodbyes and head for Pensilva.
All loaded- we left Barton Hall at 13.40- children are looking forward to seeing you soon.