Pensilva Poetry Day 2022 - 2023


National Poetry Day is a UK-wide celebration of poetry. It is a chance to enjoy, discover and share poetry with others. National Poetry Day is an annual event which happens on the first Thursday of October. This year, it took place on Thursday 6th October.


The theme of National Poetry Day was 'The Environment'.


Across the school, there were a wide range of events to celebrate and enjoy poetry. These included:

  • a whole school assembly to share some 'environment' poems and invite children to write and share their own poems on National Poetry Day
  • shared reading, discussion and performance of poems including Buzzards and Puffins collaborating together
  • poems performed in German and English by our Swiss teaching students
  • Doves focused on the autumn environment, hedgehogs and haiku poetry
  • Puffins explored the John Keats poem 'To Autumn' and used this as the inspiration for their acrostic poems
  • Buzzards looked at kennings and created their own environment inspired kennings
We learnt that we are a school full of poets!