Pensilva Book Day 2022

In March, we had a fantastic day celebrating our love of reading by taking part in our Pensilva book day.
Children and adults came to school dressed as their favourite book character. We had fun deducing which book each character was from. There were a wide range of characters: Aslan the Lion, Harry Potter, The Runaway Pea, BFG, Iron Man, Mr Bump and many, many more!
In preparation for our book day, we chose our favourite book and prepared to explain why we recommend it or we chose an extract to read to 'hook' our friends interest. During the book day, we shared the books we had chosen and our reasons. We found out that we have a variety of reading tastes. Some of us like humorous books, some of us like adventure stories and some of us like stories about vampires that are scared of blood! We (children and teachers) got lots of great ideas about books we would like to read in the future!
During the day, we explored the reading related workshops in mixed age groups from Reception to Year 6. We took part in 5 workshops during the day. 
Mrs Clinick led a drama workshop ...
Mrs Sissons led a creative writing workshop. She read 'William's Dragon' by Alan Baker. In the story, we heard about the character called the Glump! We imagined what a Glump could look like and presented our ideas as a poem. Wrens worked on describing using an adjective and a noun (prickly scales). Doves expanded their noun phrases (pink, scaly tail). Puffins developed and extended their descriptions further (soft, silky, purple fur waving in the breeze). Finally, Buzzards thought about how they imagined the character e.g. scary and linked all their description to  create this (massive, razor sharp teeth that shine in the morning sunlight and intimidate those who see them). The children really enjoyed reading their poems to their group.

Mrs Palfrey led a PSHE workshop. She read the story ‘The Tunnel’ by Anthony Browne. The story was about a brother and sister (Jack and Rose) who are constantly arguing but, in the end, they realise how important they are to one another. It was a story that lots of us could relate to. The illustrations are amazing, and we were able to use the illustrations to find hidden clues and messages about the story and characters. We then completed a character description of Jack and Rose, and we also created a drawing of a place we would like to arrive at after climbing through a tunnel.

In Mrs Noblett’s workshop for World Book Day, the children designed bookmarks for their favourite book. Some children decided to draw their favourite characters from their favourite book, others drew the scene they liked best from the story or even some props or items that might represent their favourite book. Once they had designed their bookmark, they wrote a mini book review on the back which included the author, illustrator, what they liked best about the book and how many stars out of five they would give it.
Miss King led ...
In  the lead up to our book day, we were creative at home making book settings in a box. We have displayed these in our classroom reading areas for our friends to explore!
Some of us have taken photographs when we have been reading in interesting places. What's the strangest place you have read a book?
We finished our celebration of reading with a special assembly led by the visiting author 'Ellie Jackson'. She read us her latest book and answered our questions about being an author. She talked to us about her inspiration for her stories and how she researches the themes to write the facts accurately. She also joined in the fun by coming dressed as a honey bee!