Healthy Relationships Workshops with Buzzards

Buzzards Class have taken part in two Barnardo's workshops with their class adults and the Barnardo's provider 'Sam'.  They have taken part in a wide range of activities including watching film clips, exploring situations and deciding on the best choices in those situations and participating in group debates.
The workshops have focused on exploring healthy relationships. Buzzards have looked at and discussed:
  • Gender stereotyping and diversity
  • Understanding different types of relationships
  • Negotiation and conflict
  •  Power and control
  • How to keep safe online
  • Consent
  • Safe and unsafe secrets
  • Where to go for help and support
The two mornings were thought provoking and encouraged Buzzards to focus on peer pressure, friendships and the possible effects of the choices they make. They had the opportunities to talk about their existing ideas and then build upon or challenge these by listening to their peers and the other sources provided by Barnardo's. 
Mrs. Sissons was very impressed with Buzzards confidence to share and explore the complex ideas in the sessions.